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24 December

Indulge Yourself With A Taste Of Paradise

byAlma Abell

Many people, when they are feeling stressed by their busy lives or the frenetic pace of their jobs, sometimes close their eyes and dream of being far away in some exotic and tranquil location. The type of place that these people usually conjure up is an idyllic island retreat with azure blue skies, and a sea so similar in color that it’s hard to see where it joins the sky on the horizon. Powder white beaches come into this fantasy, along with the image of blissful days with no agenda, spent lazing in the sunshine or just gazing across the landscape and drinking in the beauty of a tropical location. There are few places that epitomize this idea of paradise more that the British Virgin Isles (BVI). The beauty of this destination is that, while it has all the splendor of the Caribbean, it isn’t as over-run by tourists as are other islands. As a result, it’s possible to have a vacation where you can experience privacy and a lifestyle where you can believe that you actually belong on the island along with the locals. More importantly, you can also probably find villas for rent in Tortola that won’t break the bank.

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Tortola Activities

If you are one of those people that truly want to get away from it all, Tortola could be the perfect place for you. Many tourists complain when they visit certain very popular places that they are mixing almost entirely with other foreigners and it’s impossible to get a feel for the ‘real’ place. Tortola could be described as an underdeveloped island, so you’ll be able to get a distinct feel for the rhythm of island life. You will almost always be able to find a seat in a restaurant, which will probably be populated mostly by local island people. The chances are very good that you will be able to find a beach where you can be relatively private, without the endless rows of deck-chairs and vendors selling you myriad items you don’t need.

Visiting a Caribbean island is usually about finding a beautiful beach, and Tortola has many of these – with exotic sounding names, such as Long Bay, Sandy Cay, or Smuggler’s Cove. The waters are crystal clear and offer amazing visibility for snorkeling or scuba diving. Tortola has many boats for hire, and you might be tempted to set sail on the translucent waters beneath you. Also, there are numerous hiking trails on these hilly islands, and a wide range of cultural activities that you would be able to enjoy.

22 August

Home Accents: Pillows, Cushions And Bean Bag Chairs}

Submitted by: Christine George

Comfort is important in any home, and pillows, cushions and comfortable chairs are both welcome and can complement any decorative home accents you choose for your home. Most people who focus on a theme when furnishing or decorating their home, a theme used either for the house in general or for individual rooms, tend to think only on the major items of furnishing and decoration, and ignore minor matters such as pillows and cushions.

Nevertheless, it is such items that offer the comfort that makes a house a home, and your choice of pillows and cushions is just as important as the lighting, dcor and other home accents you choose to promote your theme. So what is available online in the way of pillows, cushions and other soft furnishings that enable you to live in comfort as you enjoy the way you have designed and accented your home?

Home Accents: Pillows

Pillows can be decorated in many ways, either to conform to the theme of a room or to offer a contrast to the major home accents. Although pillows are generally associated with bedrooms, where floral accents are not uncommon, they are also used in lounges and patios as throw cushions for casual use. Such pillows tend to be of a more permanent design than those with removable covers, and contemporary designs tend to complement most home accents and themed rooms.

When you choose pillows for your home, it is advisable to select those that are machine washable, although if you choose leather finishes that will obviously not be possible. Irrespective of the material or the design, pillows, particularly the small cushion-like pillows that can be used to provide comfort anywhere in your home, can be chosen either to complement or contrast with the major theme or accent of the room in which they are used.

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Home Accents: Cushions

Cushions, particularly those used as back-rests for chairs and sofas, are generally fitted with removable covers, although not all are. Irrespective of this, you will generally have a good selection of patterns and colors to choose from and many believe that tapestry designs are best because they look so professional and classy.

Cushions, or cushion covers, can display any design you want, and if you have home accents in a specific theme then cushions are available in nautical themed, medieval designs, floral themes, animals or even relate to nationalities such as French topics. A number of cushions displaying various sections of the Bayeux tapestry for example, narrating the Battle of Hastings where the Normand successfully invaded England, are readily available online, as are cushions on other French themes.

There are some stunning tapestry cushions available on 18th century themes, including nautical designs, and you can also purchase a copy of Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ in a tapestry cushion format. Generally, what you want you can get in terms of tapestry cushion cover designs for your home.

Home Accents: Bean Bag Chairs and Sacks

Bean bag chairs are added here because they can be so relaxing, that they cannot be ignored when discussing the comfort of soft furnishings such as pillows and cushions. Kids love bean bag chairs, and so do most adults – particularly relax sacks. Available in sizes from around 4 ft up to 8 ft, these are the ultimate in relaxation.

Filled with shredded polyurethane foam rather than beans, these fit from one to three or four people depending on their size. They come with designer covers that can be washed, liners – mostly free – and are available in a large number of colors and fibers to suit your needs. These sacks allow you to really relax, and though most people generally refer to them as ‘bean bags’ they are technically not – because they contain no beans!

You can move them around with you, you can sit in them, lie in them and even sleep in them – they are the ultimate seating solution for when you have guests, and many use them in home cinemas. They are great for placing in corners, and so making full use of your room.

These various soft furnishing forms of home accents – pillows, cushions and bean bags or sacks, will conform to just about any room theme, and can also fit in with any color scheme because of their removable/interchangeable covers – you can purchase covers to suit each room or color scheme. So don’t forget the comfort when you are planning your home accents.

About the Author: It is important that the

pillows, cushions, bean bag chairs

and other soft furnishings in your home are suitable for the decorative style of your individual rooms. Check out

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