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6 September

Oral Health At Home: What You Might Not Know About Proper Dental Care

Submitted by: Roberto J Walker

Many people are guilty of improper hygiene which could lead to damaged teeth and gums. Here are a few bad oral health habits you might be doing and some good habits that you need to develop.

You Brush Too Hard & Too Quickly

Even if you re in a rush always take the time to brush your teeth properly. Vigorous brush strokes scratch the surface of the teeth and may leave grooves where plaque and stains deposit. Brush gently in small circular motions, with your toothbrush tilted towards your gum-line at an angle of 45 degrees. You can try humming a tune or playing a song while brushing to monitor the time. Play the ABC song twice in your head with moderate speed this is a good length of time for a quick brush. Brushing should not bend the bristles of your brush because it s a sign that you are applying too much force.

You Put Protective Caps Over Your Brush

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Air-dry your brushes after use. Enclosing them in caps keep in moisture and allows bacteria to grow and multiply. You may use ultraviolet cleaning instruments if you have them but all you really need to do is make sure that the brush is clean and dry when it is stored.

You Skimp On Floss

Snap off 17 or 18 inches of floss for every session. Use an inch of floss for every tooth; rub the floss against the surface of the teeth in sawing motions until you feel resistance at the gum-line. Twine the floss over one finger after every tooth so that a fresh section of floss is used for each.

You Rely On Tartar Control Tooth Paste and Fluoride Mouthwashes

While these products may be good for your teeth they should not induce you to be lazy on oral care. Do not think that these products by themselves will take care of all of your dental hygiene needs. They may help maintain your gums and teeth but true oral health can only be achieved with regular flossing and proper brushing.

You Snack On Sticky or Sweet Food

Sticky foods can t be washed away easily, and when food stays on the mouth for long periods of time cavities and enamel erosion occurs. Sugar and starch feeds the naturally occurring bacteria in your mouth and produces acid byproducts. An acidic environment is the main cause of dental decay. Prevent this by avoiding carbonated sodas, cookies, crackers, sugar candies, chips, cake and candies. If you have to consume them make sure to brush afterward. Cheese and peanuts are good to eat before or after meals because they neutralize acids in the mouth and re-mineralize the teeth.

You Think Drinking Milk Is Enough

Milk is a great source of calcium which makes teeth and bones stronger. However the calcium in milk and other dairy products can only be absorbed with the presence of Vitamin D. It is also called the sun vitamin because we can get it from being exposed to the sun. During winter you can get your Vitamin D through other sources like Cod liver oil, mackerel and tuna.

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16 March

The Truth About Six Pack Abs

Submitted by: Granthq Estes

This particular could possibly sound amazing, yet the most well-known “notions” we have nowadays about getting those sculpted abdominal muscles are false. More frequently than not, what we believe as Bible truths are nothing above overzealous promotions by marketers of fat loss supplements, workout equipment and fad diets. Because most of these promotions sound logical, a lot of people simply take them in and use them, without further exploring the truth behind its claim. The worst thing to come out of believing these notions is that these can hinder the person from acquiring that 6 pack tummy area. So here is a list of facts that you might want to know.

The truth about six pack abs #1: No supplement is worth its weight in gold. No matter what the marketers claim, there are no dietary products that can give you that sculpted look. It does not matter if the supplements are organic or herbal. As the word suggests, supplements should only be supplementary or complementary to diet and exercise. It is never the end-all solution to fat loss, and certainly does not afford any conclusive help to musculature building.

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The truth about six pack abs#2: Buying the latest machine will not give you the abs that you want. So quit totally wasting your money already. Yes, these machines can help speed up the process but you would still need to get on a diet and do other exercises that promote total body workouts first before you can see any results on your abs. This may be very hard to swallow, but many people have successfully created their toned midsection without buying or ever using any machines for their abs.

The truth about six pack abs #3: Intense, short workouts are for the extremely fit. You probably heard it from actors and body builders who claim that intense 2 minute (or 5 minute, or 7 minute) workouts have helped them sculpt their abs. That may be true. But the thing that no one is proclaiming is the fact that the person has to be in tiptop condition in order for these workouts to really show visible results. If a person hardly ever exercises, or exercises just moderately on a weekly schedule, these intense workouts are as good as useless. In fact, it may even be dangerous to some people who may be taking this step to the extreme.

The truth about six pack abs #4: Exercise alone will not hack it. Again, it is true that exercise is essential when it comes to getting that 6 pack abs. But this should be combined always with a healthy diet and a good, clean-living lifestyle. Without one or the other, progress towards acquiring that washboard abs will be slow, slow and slow.

The truth about six pack abs #5: The fastest way to get toned and fit is to ask for professional advice, assistance and supervision. You can do this on your own, but asking the help of professionals like health care providers, dietician, nutritionists, and physical trainers can speed up the process considerably.

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