Note — August 24, 2015 This article is insufficiently clear on one detail, namely that one victim (the gunman’s mother) was shot and killed in a separate location. The toll of 28 includes her and the gunman.  Friday, December 14, 2012 Before turning the gun on himself, a 20-year-old male openedContinue Reading

Monday, June 23, 2008 2008 COMPUTEX Taipei, the largest trade fair since its inception in 1982, featured several seminars and forums, expansions on show spaces to TWTC Nangang, great transformations for theme pavilions, and WiMAX Taipei Expo, mainly promoted by Taipei Computer Association (TCA). Besides of ICT industry, “design” progressivelyContinue Reading

Click Here To Know More About: Soxhlet Extractor Low-Carb Out, High-Fiber In by Stephanie ShankWhile at the grocery store, have you noticed that you have more choices than ever from food manufacturers? Low-fat, high-protein, low-sodium, and especially high-fiber foods have become the growing trend impacting our shopping carts, taste budsContinue Reading

Monday, January 1, 2007 A Pakistani boy got his older sister to hang him in the same manner as Saddam Hussein. Mubashar Ali, 9, hanged himself, while re-enacting Hussein’s hanging with the help of elder sister, 10, after tying a rope to a ceiling fan and his neck in hisContinue Reading

Click Here To Know More About: Decks Designer Brisbane Submitted by: Yesenia Brazell Acrylic Photo Frames have proven to be a very popular photo frame concept that promises everyone quite a lot of flexibility. Often you will notice these kinds of acrylic frames in both the household and workplace settings;Continue Reading

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 Scientology is facing renewed criticism, due to an extensive exposé in the Florida newspaper the St. Petersburg Times which contains revealing accounts of women involved in the organization who say they were forced to have abortions. Multiple different female members of the Scientology group called theContinue Reading

Friday, February 3, 2006 An Australian Senate inquiry into the abortion pill “RU486” has started public hearings in Melbourne. A controversial conscience vote on the issue to overturn laws which prohibit Australian women’s access to the drug, will be held in Federal parliament on February 9. The Senate committee isContinue Reading