6 December

Oleg Yankovsky, prominent Russian actor, dies at age 65

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One of the most popular Russian theatrical and cinema actors, Oleg Yankovsky, died at the age of 65 on Wednesday. He died in Moscow after a nearly life-long struggle with pancreatic cancer.

Yankovsky was a leading actor of Mark Zakharov‘s Lenkom Theatre for over 35 years.

He starred in many films, including Two Comrades Were Serving, The Kreutzer Sonata, An Ordinary Miracle and The Very Same Munchhausen.

He is survived by his widow, the actress Lyudmila Zorina, and his son Philip, who is also an actor and a film director.

Cinematologist Kirill Razlogov said that “Oleg Yankovsky was an actor from God.”

“Oleg Yankovsky was a unique phenomenon, an unbelievably strong and talented actor,” said Mark Zakharov, a film director, as quoted by the ITAR-Tass news agency.

6 December

News briefs:January 04, 2008


  • 1 Wikinews News Brief January 04, 2008 23:35 UTC
    • 1.1 Introduction
    • 1.2 Israeli troops kill 9 in Gaza
    • 1.3 Georgian President faces election challenge
    • 1.4 US unemployment hits two-year high
    • 1.5 Israel plans crackdown on West Bank settlement outposts
    • 1.6 Transaven Airlines plane carrying 14 people crashes off Venezuelan coast
    • 1.7 Sportswriter Milt Dunnell dies at 102
    • 1.8 2007 was particularly good year for aviation safety
    • 1.9 U.S. Senator Dodd bows out of presidential race
    • 1.10 Intel ends partnership with One Laptop Per Child program
    • 1.11 British Investigators arrive in Pakistan to join Bhutto investigation
    • 1.12 Disgorge bassist Ben Marlin dies from cancer
    • 1.13 Egypt lets 2000 pilgrims through Rafah
    • 1.14 Launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis once again delayed
    • 1.15 Study suggests hospitals are not the best place for cardiac arrest treatment
    • 1.16 US dollar no longer accepted at Taj Mahal and other Indian historical sites
    • 1.17 Footer


4 December

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4 December

Chinese ban on Wikipedia lifted for now

Friday, October 13, 2006

This article mentions the Wikimedia Foundation, one of its projects, or people related to it. Wikinews is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Internet users on the Chinese-forums.com website report that the longtime block of Wikipedia by China has been at least temporarily lifted. Absent an announcement from the Chinese government, it’s unclear what the conditions were that caused the site to be accessible from within China.

A blog by Wikipedia contributor Andrew Lih says that someone in “Beijing emailed me saying he could suddenly start using Wikipedia again. Some folks in Hubei said it was still blocked. Shanghai and Guangdong users said parts were accessible.”

He continued that “from a Beijing China Netcom’s residential DSL connection, the English language and other foreign language versions are now accessible, but the Chinese version is still blocked”, noting that the Chinese-language version is the most important one to most Wikipedians in the country.

The blog entry goes on to explain the finer points of China’s blocking system, which is more complex than most media outlets suggest.

Wikimedia head Jimmy Wales told Moneycontrol.com yesterday that, “We don’t know what they took offense to. We really don’t intend to compromise the way Google did. We also feel that the block is an error. I am trying to set up high-level meetings in China to state our case and explain why we should be unblocked. We have no idea what the result of that would be. But we are somewhat hopeful. Wikipedia is not a haven for dissidents but an encyclopedia. About 99.9 percent of Wikipedia has topics that are not of interest to the Chinese Government. There is no political component. We are hopeful that they can see the point.”

He also told the outlet, he stressed how such bans were blocking Chinese perspectives in the global media. “[The] Chinese people would like to contribute to Wikipedia to give the Chinese point of view for the entire world to see. And China needs to be better understood by the rest of the world.”

The third block of Wikipedia, which was implemented 19 October 2005, was issued without explanation or an expected length. Wikipedia has been blocked twice before, the first from 2-21 June 2004, due to the 15th anniversary of the Tian’anmen Square Incident.

A website called baidu.com runs a self-censored wiki-based encyclopedia website, called baidubaike.com, launched in April of this year.

Wikipedia is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organisation based out of St. Petersburg, Florida. Its 2007 annual convention, Wikimania, is set to take place in Taipei.

4 December

Author Amy Scobee recounts abuse as Scientology executive

Monday, October 11, 2010

Wikinews interviewed author Amy Scobee about her book Scientology – Abuse at the Top, and asked her about her experiences working as an executive within the organization. Scobee joined the organization at age 14, and worked at Scientology’s international management headquarters for several years before leaving in 2005. She served as a Scientology executive in multiple high-ranking positions, working out of the international headquarters of Scientology known as “Gold Base”, located in Gilman Hot Springs near Hemet, California.

4 December

Employment figures in Brazil up by 2.2% according to IBGE

Thursday, February 14, 2008

According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the 2007 rate of employment in Brazil was 2.2% higher then figures for 2006. According to the IBGE the employment figures are at their highest since 2001.

The IBGE reported growth in employment levels for all the 14 regions surveyed, with the highest rates of increase being recorded in the states of São Paulo (with an increase of 3.5%) and the state of Paraná (with an increase of 3.1%). Região Nordeste and Minas Gerais had increases of 1.4% and 1.5% respectively.

According to the IBGE, the industries with the biggest increase in employment figures were food and drink, transport, metal and machinery. The biggest falls in employment figures were in footwear, woodwork and clothing.

4 December

Ed Sheeran wins Song of Year Grammy for Thinking Out Loud

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Yesterday, UK singer Ed Sheeran won the Grammy Award for Song of the Year for his song Thinking Out Loud from his album × ahead of Kendrick Lamar’s Alright; Wiz Khalifa’s, featuring Charlie Puth, See You Again; Little Big Town’s Girl Crush; and Taylor Swift’s Blank Space. Girl Crush won the Grammy Award for Best Country Song.

Welsh singer Amy Wadge co-wrote the song. Sheeran during the ceremony said they wrote the song on a couch in his house. In remarks to the Western Mail, Wadge said the album was already complete when they wrote the song.

Thinking out Loud remained #2 on Billboard Hot 100 for almost two months, and topped the UK rankings last year. Its video song has 969 Million YouTube views and has more than four million likes. The song also won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance.

US singer Stevie Wonder announced the winner for the Song of the Year, and the envelope was written in Braille script. He joked about it saying “You can’t read it, you can’t read Braille!”

Along with Ed Sheeran’s first Grammy, Canadians The Weeknd and Justin Bieber won Grammy awards for the first time.

3 December

Drain Cleaning Reduces Residential Plumbing Repairs In Columbia, Mo

byAlma Abell

If your drains do not operate as they should or you notice certain odors coming from your plumbing system, you probably need to schedule drain cleaning. Scheduling the service ensures that your home will stay hygienic and clean at all times. It will also restore the efficiency of your plumbing system.

Why the Drains Should Be Cleaned

Therefore, drain cleaning is the ideal way to prevent residential plumbing repairs in Columbia, MO and elsewhere. Keeping the drainpipes clean is good for the health of your plumbing system. Over time, your waste-water disposal accumulates a substantial amount of debris. The system can collect such debris as hair, grease, soap scum, and organic waste.

Drain cleaning, however, removes this type of accumulation of extra residue that can block the flow of the waste-water in your pipes. If the drainpipes become clogged, you can spend a good deal of money on future residential plumbing repairs.

Keep Your Pipes Working Longer

Also, drain cleaning lends to system longevity. By having your drains cleaned, you are preventing plumbing problems that can shorten the life of your system. Everything that you can do to ensure that your drains work properly ensures longevity.

Safe and Effective

Professional drain cleaning is a safe way to clean your drains. This is important as certain chemicals can actually lead to residential plumbing repairs. These kinds of chemicals can corrode the pipes or cause leaks to appear over time. That is why drain cleaning is considered to be a safe and effective practice.

Enhance Your Family’s Comfort and Safety

When you schedule drain cleaning, make sure that the plumber you contact also takes time to inspect your plumbing system. Make sure that the kitchen plumbing and garbage disposal are working properly and that there are no significant leaks. Your and your family’s comfort is assured if you align yourself with the right plumbing company. Visit Affordablemo.com for further information.

3 December

Finland, Canada named among world’s most-fit nations

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Finland and Canada – The Northern European country of Finland was named among the world’s most healthy, according to an investigation by the London-based newspaper, The Guardian. According to health experts, Finland joins Canada as having the distinction of being home to the lowest percentage of “couch potato” citizens among developed nations.

Pekka Puska, Director of Finland’s National Institute of Public Health claimed that in the 1970s, the country held the world record for heart disease. “Finnish men used to say that vegetables were for rabbits and not for men,” he said, “and the staple foods were bread and butter, fatty meat and full-fat milk!”

When the Finnish government found out the figures in the 1970s, it began a campaign to make a healthier nation. The number of males dying of heart problems has, over the past 35 years, decreased by 65 percent, and lung cancer deaths have also dropped dramatically.

Other nations are now considering using similar tactics as the Finnish government to make their own countries more healthy, but some say it is yet another example of a “nanny state.”

2 December

Australia Votes 2007: Liberals promise personal income tax cuts

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

With the election campaign just beginning, Australian Prime Minister John Howard has promised AU$34 billion in personal income tax cuts over the next three years. That is on top of $31.5 billion announced in May, and $36.7 billion announced in 2006.

The new tax cuts are based on new projections for growth in the Australian economy. The Treasury estimates that the economy will expand by 4.25% in the 12 months to June 2008, up from growth of 3.75% predicted in May.

The Government has challenged the Labor opposition to announce their tax policy immediately.

“The biggest, boldest tax plan that we’ve seen in a long time is presented yesterday, it deals with participation, competitiveness, building capacity in the Australian economy, and what does Kevin Rudd say? Nothing,” treasurer Peter Costello said. “He better have an answer today.”

Costello described the government tax policy as “very responsible” and said Rudd was a “Nothing Man” because he has not revealed Labor’s tax policy.

The Shadow Treasurer, Wayne Swan, replied “The only responsible course of action here is to study the detail. We’ve said we’ll put out all our policies well before the election and we’ll do that”.

“But in terms of what the Government’s put forward, we will take our time to study the detail. That’s the only responsible and reasonable thing to do.”

Economists from Access Economics, the ANZ Bank, HSBC and Macquarie Bank noted that the tax cuts will boost demand at a time when the Reserve Bank is trying to slow the economy. The Reserve Bank has been raising interest rates to keep the inflation rate within its target range. Households with substantial mortgages could end up worse off.

Rudd has said the Opposition will reveal its tax policy in its own time – mimicking John Howard’s approach when he was Opposition Leader in 1996.

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